The box in a plastic bag (La boîte - en - sac plastique), performance, New Museum, New York, 2012

Performance in which the contributing museum staffs including curators, designers, carpenters, ticket sellers, etc., and artists for the 2012 New Museum Triennial opening are given bags of groceries their typical dinner habits. At the Triennial's private viewing, they meet audiences while carrying China town's orange plastic bags. After the event, they can bring home the groceries and prepare supper. The title of the work is a parody of Marcel Duchamp’s work La boîte-en-valise.



The following questions posed to participants:

1) What time do you usually have dinner?
2) With whom do you usually have dinner?
2.1) Please write down topics of your conversation that you often have while having supper.
2.2) If you mostly eat alone, which TV show do you watch, if any?
2.3) If you mostly have dinner alone but you do not watch TV, please describe what you look at while eating.
3) What menu do you most often enjoy for dinner?
4) How often do you have Chinese takeaway for your dinner?
4.1) When you order Chinese food, do you make your order in English?
5) What is your favorite food?
6) Which foods do you dislike? Are they from a certain ethnic food category?
7) Do you have any food allergies? If you do, please describe.
8) Are your teeth in good condition?
9) When you chew food, which side of your mouth do you favor? (ex: right, left, or both equally)
10) Are you left handed or right handed?
11) What is your favorite color?
12) Do you drink water while you have dinner or separately?
13) Do you smoke?
14) Any safe & reasonable recipes for American beef, which you can recommend for Koreans?
15) What is your most memorable dinner experience? With whom did you eat and what did you have?
16) What was your worst dining experience? With whom did you eat and what did you have?
17) Do you feel happy when you have dinner? This is a multiple-choice question.
a. very happy  b. happy  c. neither happy nor unhappy d. not so happy  e. unhappy