FREE Flight, 2011, opening catering, publication, fashion show, Towel installation

A catering table with a tablecloth and kimbob(rice rolls), a manual book including interviews with producers respectively on how to build a catering table, how to sew a tablecloth, and how to roll kimbob, a fashion show performance with a motive on the producers, and towels installed in gradation from white to dark blue, which are often given as a gift to celebrate wedding days, birthdays, or school reunions, etc in Korea. The exhibition happened at the gallery run by a import dress shop and located within it.


freeflight02 free flight 03 freeflight04
FREE Flight, 2011, Images from the manual book p.10-11 how Mrs. Lee rolls her kimbobs, p.32-33 how Mr. Yang sews a tableclothe, p.54-55 how Mr. Kim builds a table



FREE Flight, 2011, free towels installation and fashion show performance




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