RealEstateAgencyEmptyBoxSeongamIsland123 Project, Bona Park, 2010, blinking light installation

RealEstateAgencyEmptyBoxSeongamIsland123 Project, Eunji Cho, 2010, soil installation

123performance02 123performance

RealEstateAgencyEmptyBoxSeongamIsland123 Project, Bona Park & Eunji Cho, 2010, performance

* To let

Today as everyday
Nobody visits me
Just like every other day

On a small island in the west sea
I am alone
All alone and lonely

Nothing but grape fields and more fields of grapes
Nothing but melons, piles of melons

The girl on the bus passing by
Gazing at me from bus 123
I cannot forget her, I won't even try
(your empty eyes)
This is how lonely I am
(my empty life)
This is how shabby I am
(your empty eyes)

Oh, grapes
Oh, melons

(my empty life)

Oh, grapes
Oh, melons

text: Bona Park, music : woozooso, voice: Hyunsook Ahn

* Owner of Another Island

One woman
Met a man
At Another Island
Then fell in love
So she goes there often

That woman's
Rich man lover
Heard of Another Island
And bought the island for her

Rich man lover
Bought an island just for sake of it
That woman
Goes to the island just for the sake of love

text: Eunji Cho music : woozooso, voice: Hyunsook Ahn