RealEstateAgencyEmptyBoxSeongamIsland123 Project - collaboration with Eunji Cho, 2010, Seongam-island, Ahnsan

"Real Estate Agency Empty Box Seongam-Island 123 Project" is based on strange landscapes of Daebu-island and Seongam-island. In particular, it focuses on empty box buildings with 'for rent' or 'real estate agency' signs on the only route of the Bus number 123 which links the Ansan city with Tando. Standing absently here and there in relation to the development of the islands, empty buildings are delivering new contexts of the islands. The artists made songs about this context and selected three empty box buildings of real estate agencies on the bus route. Their installation work is presented at the two boxes, and the song performance in the rest.


image above : a sign hung on real estate agencies around the islands, which means 'land'. The letter also indicates 'soil' and 'bang' sound in Korean.

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