Animal farm, Installation and performace, 2018, colloborated with Osacr Santillan



Installation view at Korean Culture Centre, London, 2019 Photo by Kii Studio

7 Performers imitated the sounds of 7 animals characterized in George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm”, calling and chasing each through the exhibition place. The Voice of the chased is the same as the chaser. At the end, the performers gathered at one spot and alternately read parts of the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights Declaration in the voices of both animals and humans.
The recorded sound of a live staging of the performance was played through severn speakers installed under the industrial farm lights.



Performance at SongEun Artspace, Seoul, 2018

Performers: Jungmin Cha, Dongyoung Lee, Hyunseok Chang, Chanhee Jo, Jingon Kim, Suyeon Hwang, Inhye Jung Photograph: Jaebum Kim


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Performance at Korean Cultural Centre, London, 2019

Performers: Raymond Sweetman, Bartolomeo Bartolini, Piedad Seiquer, Lily Potger, Sam Morris, Sean Murray, Soledad de la Hoz Photgraph: Kii Studio